The Mummy (2017) Review: Finding Potential in Mediocrity

Hello and welcome to the first actual review on the blog. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

The Mummy (2017) is disappointing in many respects. First and foremost, for me, if that fact that it has replaced Dracula Untold as the first film in the Dark Universe Cinematic Universe, or the Universal Monster franchise. But it also, as a film, is just okay. I enjoyed it enough to not want my time back, but I don’t think I’d tell anyone to seek it out unless they, like me, just enjoy monsters. But let’s get into Pros and Cons of the movie.


Pros: While, as I stated before, the movie is just kind of meh, I will say there is some real stand-out stuff in it. First, I have to give an acknowledgement to the cinematography and sound which give the movie an excellent creepy feeling and a very tense atmosphere. While most of the frights tend to be of the jump-scare variety, there is a definite feeling throughout the movie of impending disaster, and I absolutely loved it. I also have to say that the casting of both Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet and Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde were exceptional. Boutella, who has been putting in incredible performances across the board in everything she does, gives a real weight to the title character. Catching short glimpses of her as she flashes across the screen can be genuinely unsettling and when she actually is center stage, she has a ferocity and yet a tenderness which, at one point, actually made me feel like I was rooting for her to succeed. Crowe, who has proven himself several times to be an incredible actor, seems to genuinely be enjoying his place in the film. His Jekyll is soft spoken, calculating, and empirical, just as you would expect a scientist to be. His Hyde, while only seen briefly, is bloodthirsty and menacing, yet almost charming in a way. Crowe does an excellent job in showing the differences between the two personalities while also giving the audience a view of the blurry line, with neither personality being truly good or truly evil. The visuals were also very well done, with only a few moments of really jarring CGI that didn’t pull me out of the film


Cons: All of the actors who I didn’t name in the Pros section definitely belong in the Cons. Tom Cruise definitely seems to be in this film to cash a check more than anything else, which, is fine, every actor has those roles. Annabelle Wallis was either bored and totally phoning it in being as cheesy as possible or nervous about the amount of screen-time she had and was trying way to hard. Either way, her performance didn’t do anything for me and I cared so little for her character, I found myself counting the moments until she was off screen. Jake Johnson, while normally a joy to watch on screen, was given the absolute shortest end of the stick when it came to this script, and he did the best with what he had, so I can’t hold it against him. And speaking of the script, there were a lot of jokes and moments that weren’t funny that clearly were trying to be, and while the lore of the monsters (both Jekyll/Hyde and The Mummy) were really interesting, there was so much time trying to get the audience invested in the human characters and what they were doing and it simply did not land. The pacing of the film overall was off and there are a lot of times where nothing is going on and everything seems to drag while you wait for something interesting to come back on screen.


Overall, I have to say, this movie does make me want to see more of the Dark Universe. Their handling of the actual monsters and lore was well handled, and I left wanting to learn more about Henry Jekyll, his past, and his monster hunting organization. But the movie itself was a bit of a dud and I can only really recommend it to those of you who really want to see this Monster Cinematic Universe come to fruition.

Numerical Score: 3/5


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